Personal storytelling project, blend of music and sound design. Each Sound Wish originates from a given title and no more than 20 words. The result is a 45 second experience best enjoyed with headphones or good speakers
Alex Ward's "Fish Have Ears Too: through the fluvial surface seeps the murmurring of the peripheral world"
Nicolás Barry's "Bosforo: lost in Istanbul"
Voices by Chloe Bean as the bride and Gabby Shulman as the airport announcer
Paula Brasca's "Pregunto...: debajo de la cama, debajo de la mesa, adentro de la mano"
(I ask...: Under the bed, under the table, inside the hand)
Alex Mendoza's "June At Night: gipsy in the light of a full moon"
Marc Pardy's "Event Horizon: emotions tumbling on the edge of the universe"
Jessica Hatrak's "Layers: forest through the trees"
Jorge 'Coki' Tristán's "Limadura De Óxido: fuego metal ingeniería rock drogas actualidad"
(Filing Oxide: fire metal engineering rock drugs current times)
Personal project of Interactive sound installations, combining electronics, programming, composing and craft. Two years after completing a prototype at Stanford University in Palo Alto, a 7 speaker array called "Black and Gold" is coming alive in July 2020.
All works © Christian Laszlo 2020. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Christian Laszlo.